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New look Westlaw launched
Exciting news! Westlaw has been updated to include some brand new and improved features, with the new platform going live from today. City students and staff will still be able to log-in directly using your username and password. More)
My weekly life as a City Law School student
A typical week at City for me is two one-hour tutorials a week, along with four two-hour lectures a week. As an international student, my attendance is taken so the university can ensure I am attending classes and adhering to the requirements of my T (More)
Living the life of a Londoner
Life in London is very fast-paced, with a high density of people commuting into the city during the working week. I have noticed many places around my accommodation, near Farringdon Underground Station, which are closed on Saturday and Sunday due to (More)
6 reasons you should participate in an exchange programme
I have recently applied for City, University of London's More)
Return of 24/7 opening
The Northampton Square and Cass libraries will open for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during City’s mai (More)
Studying a law degree in the UK vs North America
Going international to obtain a degree or even just a year abroad is popular among young people as a means to not onl (More)
Read&Write 12
        City Library Services are pleased to offer the latest version of TextHelp Read&Write 12. Read&Write is a co (More)
New Books - February 2019
We are regularly addding new books to our collection. Use the carousel below to browse a diverse selection of the new titles added over the last few months. Click on any cover to see where the book is located or to place a request. Want to recomme (More)
Christmas wish list for the broke law student
The school year is half way through, and you are feeling so broke you're eating the gum from under the tables (not recommended). Here are the top ten gifts you should be asking for at Christmas to get you through the rest of the year. Dear Santa, (More)
CityLibrary's online resource access and use policy
Library Services has developed an Online Resource Access and Use Policy to ensure a clear relationship between the provision of online resources and More)
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