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Reflections on our inspiration day
In November, Anise, Annemarie and myself took a day out to try the technique of walking and learning, as outlined in More)
Developing Leadership and Your Reflective Practice
Artifact from the British Museum, a site visit location for the course. We are now recruit (More)
Leadership: What's Love Got to Do With It?
Perhaps love isn't a word we usually associate with the workplace.  However, Gabriella Braun argues that leadership is about people and working with people demands a c (More)
Leadership and Change in the Public Eye
Tony Hall in conversation with Professor Laura Empson "There should be a prize for peo (More)
Leading the Learning Landscape Network
149 institutions participated in More)
Walking, learning and leadership development

Walking as learning ideas and guidance
Walking can add a dynamic element to the learning experience and can be particularly effective for active learning, creativity and reflective practice.  A U (More)
The Science Behind Learning in the Outdoors
[caption id="attachment_6986" align="alignleft" width="300"] Trekking in Morocco. Image taken from (More)
Developing Leadership and Your Reflective Practice
[caption id="attachment_7232" align="alignleft" width="300"] Artifacts explored during a site visit on the module to the British Museum

Sky-diving from College Building clock tower
I’ve done some exciting things during my thirteen (and a third) years at City, but I think this just about caps the lot. It was just before my last appraisal meeting that the idea of jumping off a tall building first came to mind. I was a (More)
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