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Virtualising the LEaD Writing Group
As some of you may know, we run the More)
Fearless Facilitation – 7 confidence boosting tips that will make your virtual meetings sing! A review
  By Connie Tse and Elisabetta Lando (Educational Technologists in LEaD)  More)
How best to emulate the use of the whiteboard in online lectures?
Demonstrating via hand written exposition is a powerful and essential teaching tool for many subjects. How then might we emulate this experience in the current online teaching scenarios? Using a tablet might be the answer, as iPads, Tablets and Mi (More)
'Too long; didn't read'? An Interview with Emily Allbon
tl;dr - the less tex (More)
Create Moodle Quiz questions from a TeX file
Moodle quizzes can be used for different purposes. They can help to build students' confidence by providing opportunities for them to consolidate their learning, and offering instant personalised feedback. Lecturers can also benefit from using quizze (More)
Grainne Conole from Open University @ Moodlemoot 2011
New Pedagogies for Social and Participatory Media Conole’s keynote explored open resources for enhanc (More)
Surveys in Sixty Minutes
Focusing on a popular tool in the HE researcher’s toolkit – the survey Sian Lindsay, Lecturer in Learning Development Ajmal Sultany, Research Assistant Learning Development Centre, City University London What we did in a nutshell For one of the L (More)
Learning Development Project - Prof Paul Palmer
This is a case study video of a Learning Development Project completed by Prof Paul Palmer and Hee Yu Lee in 2010. This project provided greater integration of the work of the careers function with the two spine modules in the MSc Management pulling (More)
Point B: A Short Guide to Leading a Big Change
Peter Bregman (2007) Point B: A Sh (More)
Learning Development Project - Dr Sara Jones
Dr Sara Jones from the Centre for Human-Computer Interaction Design is conducting a project titled ‘Exploring the Potential of Digitally Augmented Spaces to Enhance Students’ Experience of Problem-Based Learning in Design’. Her project is based in th (More)
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