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Hold that thought: Mind Mapping with MindGenius
Understanding, organising and retaining information can be challenging. While studying and working we often need to compose and organise our written work, understand complex topics and retain information. Mindmapping can be an excellent tool to help (More)
New JSTOR e-books
As part of our continuous process of acquiring and trialing new resources for your studies, we have recently added over 4,500 new JSTOR e-books to our catalogue. This is especially good news for those who are currently working on their assignments (More)
New online access to Journal of Dementia Care
You can now access the Journal of Dementia Care online. The Journal of Dementia Care is a UK publication covering news, issues and research relating to the care of people with dementia, across all allied health professions and clinical setting (More)
Six things you might have missed
As we launch into a new year, we thought now would be a good time to highlight six things you might have missed from Library Services (but we definitely wouldn't want you to) over the last few months: 1: There are thousands of new online resources (More)
COVID-19 in America: Response, Issues, and Law
COVID-19 in America: Response, Issues, and Law is a brand new database available via HeinOnline focusing on issues related to the ongoing global pandemic from a U.S. perspective. The database feat (More)
New e-books to help you study at home
We're constantly updating our collections so that you can access the best resources possible. Over the last few weeks we have been busy adding new e-books to CityLibrary Search: some of these are b (More)
New Resource: Artemis Primary Sources
Artemis Primary Sources is a dynamic search platform which allows you to cross-search the full text (More)
Looking for Industry Intelligence? IBISWorld
IBISWorld provides industry intelligence. With over 400 industries covered and similar coverage of global economies, IBISWorld has the broadest collection of indus (More)
Library Staff Love #10: Read For Research
This month’s choice comes from Research Librarian Diane Bell who loves supporting research here at City (which is handy) almost as much as she loves leopa (More)
Resource of the month: ProQuest Refworks
Given up on new year’s resolutions and office decluttering projects but still hoarding lots of research references?  Maybe you would like to try a new reference management software. ProQuest RefWor (More)
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