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Open Data as an Educational Resource - 5 HE case studies over here!
Launched last Friday (4th Dec 2015) at UCL, this book (More)
Assessment Improvements in Moodle 3
Assessment and feedback is at the heart of the student experience and there are a number of improvements in Moodle 3 to support online assessment. More)
Moodle 3 User Evaluation
Learning Enhancement and Development (LEaD) and Education Research & Enterprise Services (ERES), facilitated by the expertise of staff at the City Interaction Lab ran a staff user ev (More)
The StudyWell Website
This vignette is a short case study detailing the Stud (More)
NVivo Training To Support Qualitative Research in Higher Education
In my hand I hold a ‘Certificate of Attendance’ for attending an ‘Induction to NVivo Training’. This is significant because I am now able to use a computer aided qualitative data analysis software to analyse a number of interview transcripts I have f (More)
Presenting Higher Education Research in Pecha Kucha format
In just over 2 weeks time, I will be presenting like I have never presented before. Never before have I had to follow conference rules on what presentation tool to use and more importantly HOW TO USE IT! I will be forced to use PowerPoint slides, (More)
CitySpace Obituary
On 1st September 2011, CitySpace will be switched off after 8 years of service to the university. The E-Learning Unit (ELU) was established with five staff members in 2003 to support the implementation of this VLE. WebCT Vista had a stint under the t (More)
CitySpace Obituary: Anise
Here are my CitySpace memories. I joined the E Learning Unit in June 2003 alongside Gilly Reeder, Matt Eanor, Neal Sumner and Susannah Quinsee.  My interest in e-learning stemmed from my previous experience at City University as a student. When we (More)
Mark Brown
Mark Brown: A Story of Hype and Hope: Breaking Free from the Technology Bungy          5th July 2011 During a recent visit to the UK from Massey University, New Zealand, Mark kindly stopped off at City to share this talk about educational technology (More)
CitySpace Obituary: Neal Sumner
Here are Neal's CitySpace memories: CitySpace obituary 9.59 on January 5th 2004 and the clocks are ticking loudly in the 4 Drysdale computer labs where 250 silent students are sitting expectantly at their terminals waiting for their Informatics exa (More)
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