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City Library commemorates the Battle of the Somme
Today marks the 100th anniversary of the first day of the Battle of the Somme. On this day, over 100 years ago, around 20,000 British soldiers died. By the end of the battl (More)
Library Staff Love #8: Print Journal Collection
What’s the difference between our lovely Library and your local newsagent? At CityLibrary you can stand (or sit) and flick through all of our magazines for free for as long as you like! (Well, at least until closing time anyway) [caption id="attac (More)
Library Staff Love #9: GSLC
Here's a thing. We try not to use abbreviations unnecessarily because unless you know what they stand for it can be really unhelpful. But, OMG can they be fun too, especially if you've got a GSOH (IMHO). They're also ubiquitous in our everyday liv (More)
It's National Book Lovers Day!
Following our Instagram of Librarian's Cats yesterday for #InternationalCatsDay, we noticed today that it is More)
Library Staff Love #10: Read For Research
This month’s choice comes from Research Librarian Diane Bell who loves supporting research here at City (which is handy) almost as much as she loves leopa (More)
Library Essentials
Our new Library Essentials Guide contains everything you need to get started in the Library. Whether you’re a new (More)
Library Staff Love #11: Socialising
Pubs. Coffee shops. Quiz nights. Private parties which come with embossed invitation cards and stringent dress codes. There are many ways in which Librarians choose to spend their time away from the Library. However, they’re at their best socialisin (More)
Resource of the month: Literature Online (LION)
What is Literature Online? Literature Online is an online resource for the study and teaching of literature in English. It combines the texts of over 355,000 literary works with a vast library of criticism and reference resources. What's Includ (More)
Library Staff Love #12: Drama Online
Here at CityLibrary we love drama. Not in a soap opera style showdown-in-the-Staff-Room kind of way, that never happens- no cups of tea have even been spilled More)
Library Staff Love #13: Research methods for business students
As it’s the last Library Staff Love feature for 2016, this time we mean business. Well, by ‘we’ I mean Samantha, our Research Librarian for Cass PG & Business; and by ‘business’ I mean specifically: More)
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