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5 videos for Business students
Attention Business students! Whether you are new to the Business School or you just want to brush up on your academic skills, you can quickly learn about which resources you can use and how to access them with our new Business Library Online Resource (More)
Working from home, how is it for you?
First of all if you are really missing the office environment, click here to listen to the sounds of a busy workplace while you read this More)
COVID-19 questions selected for Round 10
Following an open call for proposals, the European Social Survey (ESS) has now selected an additional 10 questions of relevance to Coronavirus that will be fielded in Round 10 (2020/21). Two proposals of up to five questions were chosen to be in (More)
Clearing - Preparation and tips (just in case)
Top tips before applying through clearing! Most students don't plan to go through clearing, yet every year tens of thousands of students find their university place this way. Clearing is a process that matches undergraduate applicants to universi (More)
Digital researcher event. British Library 16.05.2011.
Hosted by Vitae This was a fascinating series of 6 presentations about different aspects of digital research, followed by a tour of the British Library’s Growing Knowledge exhibition where some of the tools under development for th (More)
NVivo Training To Support Qualitative Research in Higher Education
In my hand I hold a ‘Certificate of Attendance’ for attending an ‘Induction to NVivo Training’. This is significant because I am now able to use a computer aided qualitative data analysis software to analyse a number of interview transcripts I have f (More)
National Centre for Social Research (NatCen)
The Analysis of Qualitative Data. I attended this two-day workshop to extend and refine my skills in qualitative data analysis (QDA). Facilitated by three experienced NatCen researchers in the area of applied social research, the workshop used a wid (More)
New communities, spaces and places: inspiring futures for higher education
Each year the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) holds an annual conference for its members, with a dedicated preceding conference for members who are newer (More)
Digital Researcher 2012
Digital Researcher 2012. British Library 20.02.2012. Having been placed on the waiting list for this event I was pleased to discover three days beforehand that I had managed to squeeze in as one of the 113 participants in the Digital Researcher 201 (More)
Review: SACWG seminar, ‘The efficiency and effectiveness of assessment in challenging times’
On Thursday 24 November 2011, the Student Assessment and Classification Working Group (SACWG) hosted a one-day seminar, ‘The efficiency and effectiveness of assessment in challenging times’ at Woburn House, Tavistock Square, London.  To open the s (More)
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