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#citylis Focus on Alumni: MSc Information Science 1970-1 Reunion
Focus on Al (More)
Fifty year association with City
Students' Union booklet circa 1970 (Photo 1) Post by Dr Peter Harding It is 50 years since my (More)
#citylis Focus on Alumni: Isabel Galina Russell
#citylis Focus on Alumni: Isabel Galina Russell – Researcher, Institute for Bibliographic Studies, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (More)
#citylis Focus on Alumni: Helen Cargill
#citylis Focus on Alumni: Helen Cargill - Head of Research Support of Library Services at King’s College London.  (More)
Academics and alumna share their experiences to mark National Women in Engineering Day
Lara Yusuff, BEng (Hons), Aeronautical Engineering As long as you\'re driven, determined to succeed and hardworking, you\'ll prosper in engineering. Lara Yusuff, studied for a More)
Sue Hill & TFPL to Offer Professional Skills Seminars at #citylis
Sue Hill & TFPL to Offer Professional Skills Seminars at #citylis - They will be offered on Mondays 12th, 19th and 26th Octo (More)
Focus on #citylis Alumni: Anthony Farthing
Focus on #citylis Alumni: Anthony Farthing - Library Assistant with the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.  (More)
Focus on #citylis Alumni: Ludi Price
Focus on #citylis Alumni: Ludi Price - PhD Candidate in Information Science at City University London.   (More)
Focus on #citylis Alumni: Simon Younger
Focus on #citylis Alumni: Simon Younger - (More)
Focus on #citylis Alumni: Karine Larose
Focus on #citylis Alumni: Karine Larose- Systems Librarian at Imperial College London. (More)
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