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What's a sandwich degree and what's it like to do one?
Malaika is a third-year student studying Psychology, who undertook a sandwich year and likes watching crime (More)
What's it like to do a Journalism degree?
Amy is a third year Journalism student and a More)
Meet a Radiography student
Imman is a second-year undergraduate student studying diagnostic radiography, who moved (More)
Resource Round Up - Learning on your Own!
There's more stuff than ever out there to do online and at home to support learning at home, but with more and more added every day it's getting tough to find useful, interesting and helpful resources. That's where we're coming in with our top three (More)
Juggling work and studying at uni
Fatima Lobocka is a second-year student studying Psychology, who was born in Poland and is half Iraqi.  (More)
Things to consider when deciding to go to university
Diana is a third year Law student, who loves mystery novels and painting.   Why I went to university (More)
Meet an undergraduate Psychology student
Malaika is a third-year student studying Psychology, who enjoys watching crime documentaries on Netflix.  What I study I study Psychology, which is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour – how humans act, think and feel in differe (More)
A student's tips for exam success
Nadia is a second-year undergraduate student studying BSc Children’s Nursing who has been skydiving twice (More)
Meet a BA Journalism student
Julia is an undergraduate student studying Journalism, who likes listening to old music and watching sunsets (More)
Meet a Computer Science student
Alexandra is a third year student studying Computer Science, who once made a short video game in only (More)
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