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UNESCO creative economy report launch at City University

CCI is very pleased to host the launch of the UNESCO creative economy report. This is the 3rd edition of the report, which has come to play a pivotal role in establishing the role of the creative economy in national economies and developing the debate for policy at international, national and local level. Previous editions of the report focused on making the international case, backed by international trade data. The 3rd edition breaks new ground by exploring the role of local policy making.

Panellists include:

John Newbigin, Chair, Creative England
Danielle Cliche, Chief of Section of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, UNESCO
Andy C Pratt, Professor of Cultural Economy, City University London.
Professor Raj Isar, The American University of Paris

The creative economy is not only one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the world economy, but also a highly transformative one in terms of income generation, job creation and export earnings. Building on this, we recognize the fact that new development pathways should encourage innovation and creativity. Many such pathways are to be found at the sub-national level, notably in cities and regions of developing countries. Indeed, many creative outputs are being realized despite limited infrastructure, institutional capacities and investment inputs.

The United Nations Creative Economy Report 2013, Special Edition, which UNESCO is co-publishing with the United Nations Development Programme, focuses on creative economy at the local level in developing countries. The Report analyses and showcases policy and practice, trends and cases drawn from developing countries.

The results of the Report will inform international debates on the post-2015 UN development agenda and the role of culture in sustainable development. More particularly, it will speak to decision-makers, demonstrating some of the key factors that make creative economy initiatives successful on the ground.

A copy of the report can be downloaded here.

CCI’s Prof Andy Pratt has been involved in drafting all three editions of the report. He also devised the methodology by which cultural trade data could be mapped and compared, for the first time, globally. In this edition of the report Andy’s work formed the basis of Chapter 5 on local capacity building in the creative economy.



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