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Andy Pratt discusses art and public space on Resonance FM

Andy Pratt took part in an radio discussion programme on Art and Public Space which builds upon collaborative work with Prof  Loretta Lees, on an AHRC project; plus an AHRC Creative Voucher with Platform 7, which is mentioned in the discussion (Silent Cacophony).avatars-000012482606-k0gy7a-t500x500

John McKiernan, founder of Platform-7 Events will be discussing public art interventions and contested space with Professor Andy Pratt (City) and Professor Loretta Lees (Leicester). The focus will be Platform-7’s art performance interventions in Margate during 2011 mirroring the opening of the Turner Contemporary, an intervention about the politics of the videocassette in a disused Blockbuster Video store, closed following looting during 2011 riots in Catford, and an annual event that explores how people reach their opinion on conflict and war, which has taken place every Remembrance Week since 2009.

With sound art inserts from Nathan Harmer’s Ext-1 (Blockbuster 2012 intervention), a section of Claire Ryohko Kohda Hazelton & Dean Wood’s Claire & Dean play Tony & Dominic track (Margate 2011 intervention), Julian Jacobson’s Prelude (no man’s land 2012) and conclude with excerpts from GYBE 2012 album Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! on owning sonic space, directly inspired by the Montreal demonstrations in 2012.

You can listen to the whole show by clicking  here

sbbk273 • March 2, 2014

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