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CCI in High Life

Anyone flying British Airways in July this year might have read the inflight magazine ‘High Life’. In it was a special feature on world cities. The info graphic used material from a report that CCI members contributed to: Ulrike Chouguley (a PhD student in CCI, until recently a senior researcher at BOP), Cecilia Dinardi (a postdoctoral fellow at CCI who has also worked as a researcher for BOP), and Andy PrattScan 11 Oct 2014 19_07-page2 Scan 11 Oct 2014 19_07-page1Scan 11 Oct 2014 19_07-page3. The report was commissioned by the Greater London Authority, and was researched by Burns Owens Partnership (BOP). Recently Cecilia has been in South America working with cities there for a future report, along side her  research on cities and culture in South America. This is an example of communicating academic research to a wide general audience.

sbbk273 • August 11, 2014

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