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Welcome to our CCI Visiting Fellows; and attend their lectures

We  are delighted to welcome two new fabulous visiting fellows to CCI – Dominique Grisard and Dana Kaplan, who will both be with us during 2014/5 academic year. On Wednesday October 29th Dominique Grisard presented a fascinating seminar on ‘princess culture’, pinkification and postfeminism. Dana Kaplan will be presenting her work on class, sexuality and taste on November 12th- all are welcome.
On Wednesday November 5th we welcome Claire Moran from the University of Queensland who will be giving a seminar from her recently completed PhD – looking at the topical issue of how (cosmetic) surgery is marketed to healthy women.

Upcoming events:

Weds November 5th Room AG11 College Building, City University

Selling Genital Cosmetic Surgery to Healthy

Women. A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Australian Surgical Websites

Dr Claire Moran, University of Queensland


Weds November 12th Room AG11 College Building, City University

Recreational Sexuality and class-making under neoliberalism

Dana Kaplan, Visiting Fellow, City University


Weds 19th November BGO3, University Building, City University London

An Intergenerational Feminist Media Studies 

////  Supported by MECCSA Women’s Network, and in association with City’s Gender and Sexualities Research Forum and the femgensex network at Middlesex /////

Roundtable discussion with Ros Gill (City) Diane Negra (Dublin) Hannah Hamad (Kings) Nayomi Roshini and Mariam Kauser (Middlesex) Chair Alison Winch / Jo Littler

Presentations will be followed by discussion and refreshments

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