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Debbie at the London Jazz Festival

Debbie Dickinson will be taking part in ‘Jazz Rants’ at the London Jazz Festival on Wednesday 19 November! George McKay is Professor in Residence at this year’s jazz festival where he is chairing some events that feature musicians, producers and academics talking about various aspects of jazz.  Debbie, who has a strong background in jazz and a long history with the London Jazz Festival, will be part of the event which is set to explore where jazz sits within today’s creative landscape and economy. The event is at the  Club Inegales, which that prides itself on creating a space for lively provocative discussions. It is being billed as ‘an academic jazz show that delves into Euro jazz, anti-jazz history and the Nordic tone’ .
 Wednesday 19 November 

7 pm, Club Inégales:  Jazz Rants—The Jazz Industry and The Creative Economy. Peter Weigold, Dr Nick Gebhardt, Debbie Dickinson, Steve Beresford, Soweto Kinch (tbc), Prof Tony Whyton (tbc) ++


sbbj269 • November 16, 2014

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