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Andy shows resilience in a new article

Andy Pratt had a new article published in the journal City, Culture and Society today entitled ‘Resilience, locality and the cultural economy’. The article is a critical engagement with the buzz-word that many love to hate: ‘resilience’. Andy reviews some of the blander and conservative usages of the term, and the overlap with sustainability (another buzz word). He offers instead an interpretation of resilience as a version of ‘capacity building’; that is the strength of local communities and cultural producers to make themselves heard, and continue doing what they do in the world. This paper follows on from papers Andy has recently published on policy and development such as the contribution he made to the UNESCO Creative Economy report (CH5); on local strategies for the S.Korean UNESCO office, and the chapter on ‘culture and development’ forthcoming in the Handbook of Creative Industries (2015).


sbbk273 • January 17, 2015

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