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Innovation and Creativity, new article by Andy Pratt

Andy has had an article published today in the Journal of Business Anthropology  entitled “Do Economists Make Innovation; Do Artists Make Creativity? The Case for an Alternative Perspective on Innovation and Creativity”. The essay challenges the view that the supply and distribution of knowledge is hindered by regulation, and that public organisations such as universities  “get in the way” of the free circulation of knowledge. Instead this essay seeks to place the knowledge question at the centre of our analyses, and subsequently suggests a radical re-interpretation of innovation and creativity. The paper argues that there is an important specificity to knowledge “in action,” which is illustrated by reference to the cultural economy. The essay is one a a number in this special issue that challenge the way we think about innovation in the cultural field.

Journal of Business Anthropolgy 4 (2):235-244.

sbbk273 • November 13, 2015

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