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Cultural Cooperatives Networking Day


Last Friday Marisol Sandoval hosted a cultural co-ops networking day at City University.

The event for the first time brought together members of cultural co-ops from London, Hastings, Peterborough and Nottingham to celebrate the recent launch of a website that provides information about co-operative models in the cultural sector and encourages collaboration among cultural co-ops.

It was a full and inspiring day that enabled participants to share experiences and learn from each other by sharing practices from their own co-ops as well as discussing opportunities for mutual support and for establishing links with other groups that aim to promote economic democracy.

Activities included a mapping of co-operative structures, co-operative games and time for discussions about topics such as challenges for cultural co-ops, the relationship between unions and co-ops, the limitations of available funding opportunities for the cultural sector and alternatives to it as well as ideas for joint projects.

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sbbj899 • May 23, 2016

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