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And “up north” ( yes, it’s raining there too)

Ros went back to her  Northern roots this week when she was an invited speaker at the ESRC seminar series on ‘Challenging Gendered Media Mis(s)Representations of Women Professionals and Leaders’

Breaking with established leadership and management paradigms, Ros challenged the individualism and  implicit woman-blaming of many attempts to ‘empower’ women in the workplace and instill  greater confidence. Drawing on her current work with Shani Orgad, she asked ‘what’s not to like about contemporary confidence initiatives?’ Quite a lot, it turns out – including the way they shift the focus from structures and cultures of inequality onto women themselves, the way they establish a new set of (impossible) goals for women to reach, and the way they relentlessly psychologize and individualize matters that should be thought of differently. For more on this see The Confidence Cult(ure)

sbbk273 • June 19, 2016

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