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The End of Neoliberalism? at #TWT17

The World Transformed 2017, a festival of politics, arts, music and culture, ran across nine different venues in Brighton over the past four days. It was an active and vibrant event and there were queues round the block at many sessions. ‘The End of Neoliberalism?’ panel on Tuesday talked what ‘neoliberalism’ meant (loosely: dismantling socialised spaces like the public sector, privatising them for corporate profit and emphasising competitive individualism), debated whether  it was mutating into ‘neoliberal nationalism’ and discussed what can be done about it. Left to right: journalist Paul Mason, Clive Lewis MP, Ruth Potts from Red Pepper, Jo Littler from CCI/Sociology and labour organiser Valery Alzaga.

sbbj269 • September 27, 2017

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