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The state of the Arts: Zurich

Andy took part in a seminar held at Zurich School for the Arts and Film (ZdHK) on “New cultural policies and challenges: artists as arts managers”, the seminar participants were half from Asia, and half from Europe; the objective being to explore a range of perspectives and approaches. The event grew out of a collaboration between cultural promoter Danny Yung (Hong Kong, Zumi) and Hartmut Wickert (Dean of ZdHK). This is part of an ongoing collaboration between Andy and ZdHK (especially Christophe Werkle and Frederic Martel and Simon Grand) where previous events in Venice, London, Hong Kong and Zurich have allowed them to develop ideas about the future curricula of the ‘Art Schoo’l in the 21stC.

The previous site of ZdHK that Any first visited 10 years ago is now a museum (it was a Bauhaus architectural design); the new building was previously the largest and most modern yoghurt factory in the world (!), however the changing logistics of yoghurt production meant that is was vacated recently and has been converted into a stunning location for the university.

sbbk273 • October 4, 2017

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