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“Creative Economies: An international Paradigm in European Cities”

On November 24, Janet Merkel was invited as a keynote speaker in the “Creative Economies: An international Paradigm in European Cities” Workshop at the Institute of Sociology, University of St. Gallen. The workshop was organized by the Research Committee Sociology of Arts and Culture of the Swiss Sociological Association. Janet’s talk focused on the social,…

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Reclaiming Schools seminar

‘Reclaiming Schools’ was set up to support campaigns for progressive and socially responsible education, and aims to make reliable research available to teachers and the wider community. Last week they held a seminar in York on ‘Poverty and Education’, which drew together academics working in sociology, psychology and education with local teachers and students. Participants…

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Jo talks at UEA

Jo Littler travelled to the University of East Anglia in Norwich last week to give a talk to the Film, Television and Media Studies department about her new book Against Meritocracy: Culture, Power and Myths of Mobility.

Forum of Saint Louis (Senegal) – Ideation on ‘Cities and Metamorphosis’

On November 25th to 27th, the northern secondary city of Senegal, Saint Louis, welcomed its first Forum dedicated to ‘Africa: Thinking A World Anew’. The Forum of Saint Louis aims to be a platform for African creativities in all their forms and expressions, by shedding light on innovation from the continent to inspire Africans and the…

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Cultural mapping in Khazakhstan

Andy was a member of an expert group organised by the British Council to advise the City of Astana (the capital city), and Khazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan on techniques and approaches to measuring the scale of the cultural economy, and developing Creative Economy Leadership for Central Asia.  Based on his experience with the UK DCMS,…

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Ateliers de la Pensées #2 – Pan-African Festival of Ideas

The second edition of the Pan-African festival of Ideas, Les Ateliers de la Pensée (ADLP), co-organised by Profs Felwine Sarr and Achille Mbembe, took place in Dakar (Senegal) from November 1st to 4th. This edition, dedicated to an exploration of the ‘Planetary Condition and Politics of the Living’, welcomed over 50 participants, thinkers, scholars and…

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