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Andy in Mexico with UNESCO

Andy was invited to be a member of an international team of UNESCO experts to help to develop a new cultural policy framework for the city of Zapopan/Guadalajara (population approx 3 million). The aim is that this policy framework will be an exemplar that can be used by UNESCO elsewhere as a practical demonstration of culture and sustainable cities.

The UNESCO office in Mexico has been working closely with the Municipal Government of Zapopan in its new policy development process, which has involved a public consultation as well as expert inputs. Uniquely all of the political parties who are holding city elections this year have agreed to implement the plan as recommended.

Andy spent 29th Nov- 2 Dec at an International Forum UNESCO/ Zapopan “Cultural Policies for the Construction and Sustainable Development of Community in Metropolitan Areas”.

The Forum finalised discussion (from experts, politicians, civil servants and a public forum) to promote sustainable development policies in Zapopan by strengthening the value chain, or ‘cycle’ of creation; production; distribution; and dissemination of and access to culture.

The event took place at the newly constructed Cultural Centre (see picture).

After the discussions in Zapopan, Andy and the international team of experts presented a summary of the proposals at the FIL, the Guadalajara book fair the 2nd largest in the world, which is a massive cultural event with lectures and panels, as well as books!

sbbk273 • December 3, 2017

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