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Quasi-public space and culture

Andy has a new paper out today, based on some work that he has been doing on the Kings Cross ‘Granary Square’, and the Knowledge Quarter; and with the ‘Culture Mile’ in the City of London. This article argues that whilst appearing new, quasi-public spaces have emerged from a process of investment restructuring over the last 50 years. The profound change that is set in motion is a loss of control of public space and its cultural uses in cities. The tensions set up in this transformation are illustrated by the cultural fortunes of the largest such space in London, Granary Square; and, that of the City of London that has little, if any, public space.

The article is published in the open access on line journal ‘Palgrave Communications

Pratt, A. C (2017). “The rise of the quasi-public space and its consequences for cities and culture.” Palgrave Communications 3(1): 36.

sbbk273 • December 3, 2017

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