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Diana Yeh gives keynote at Sight Unseen conference, Goldsmiths

Diana Yeh was invited to give the keynote lecture at the ‘Sight Unseen: Amplifying Voices of Southeast and British East Asian Theatre Playwrights’ conference, held at Goldsmiths College, London on 26 April. Her paper, entitled ‘Why (Not) Asia? Theatre, Activism and Social Change’, mapped out the position of British East and Southeast Asian cultural practice…

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Intercultural exchanges, development and cooperation in Africa: Morocco’s Afrikayna celebrates is ‘5.2 Week’

On May 2nd to 6th, the non-profit cultural organisation , Afrikayna, organised a week of events ‘Week 5:2’, to celebrate its five-years anniversary and the two-years of activity of its artistic mobility fund, Africa Art Lines. Afrikayna was created by the prolific cultural operator, Ghita Khaldi, in order to contribute and foster intercultural exchange, development and…

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Gentrification and artists

Prof Andy Pratt has a new chapter published this week drawing upon his work on the impact of gentrification on cities, and artists. Pratt, A. C. (2018). Gentrification, artists and the cultural economy. Handbook of Gentrification Studies. L. Lees and M. Phillips (Eds), Edward Elgar.

Hello Tomorrow: Digital Suzhou

Andy gave a keynote lecture at the Digital Suzhou event in Suzhou (a city about the size of London, about 70 miles west of Shanghai). Suzhou is a mix of the old and the new. Effectively a new city has been built next to the old one and linked by bullet train (20 minutes) to…

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Andy in Guadalajara

Andy was invited to Guadalajara by the Mexican Minister of Culture Ernesto Miranda Trigueros to share his insights on urban policies of the cultural and creative, and digital industries.  Andy attended two days of a conference ‘Ingenio: fora internacional de industrial creatives digitales’ on 27/28 April. Andy gave the keynote ‘The Creative Industries: Learning from…

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Mediating Masculinities

The Gender and Sexualities Research Forum at City collaborated with the Feminist Media Studies Research Group at UEA to put on an awesome event on April 27th concerned with how masculinities are mediated in contemporary culture. With  the focus on sex and intimacy, research presentations focussed on men’s uses of Grindr,  Snapchat streaking, and the…

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Book launch for Mediated Intimacy

Ros launched her book Mediated Intimacy: Sex Advice in Media Culture on April 27th, with her two co-authors Meg-John Barker and Laura Harvey (pictured here). The book starts from the bold claim that media play a key role in shaping people’s ideas, desires and expectations about intimate relationships, yet their role has been overlooked. Examining…

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Feminism, Anti-Feminism and Postfeminism: new article in Aus Politik und Zeitgeschchte

Ros has a new article in German in the cultural journal Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte. Part of an issue dedicated to exploring anti-feminism, her article explores the co-existence of a renewed interest in feminism, with virulent misogyny and the persistence of neoliberalism and postfeminism.

Ros at the UN

On March 19th 2018,   CCI’s Professor Rosalind Gill addressed the United Nations  62nd Commission on the Status of Women in New York.  The Commission was established the year after the end of the second world war and is the principal global intergovernmental body dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. Professor Gill spoke…

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