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Diana Yeh’s research made into a series of short films

Diana Yeh’s research project on racial inequalities in the creative and cultural industries is entitled BEAST: British East Asians on Screen and in Television, and has been funded by the Department of Sociology, City. Through collaboration with the award-winning independent film-maker Rosa Fong, and the actors Jennifer Lim, Siu Hun Li and Colin Ryan, verbatim dialogue from research interviews conducted for the project has been restaged in the form of classic British film or TV dramas in a series of short films to highlight the invisibility and misrepresentation of British East Asians on British mainstream screens and show why this occurs despite the proliferation of diversity discourses in recent years. The first episode Whassup with the Wongs was released this month and can be viewed here.

sbjb056 • April 2, 2019

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