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CCCI keynote at HKW in Berlin

On March 5th 2020, Dr Jenny Mbaye was invited to give the keynote lecture of the launch event ‘The Now in Sound’ – a virtual, trans-disciplinary gallery and community platform at the juncture of art, journalism, and cutting-edge research – curated by Norient at the HKV (Haus des Kulturen de Welt) in Berlin.

The event ‘On Music: Life after music magazine – The Norient Way’ consisted of a inaugural digital group exhibition that invited co-curators and cultural creatives from 15 countries to take over Norient to engage, reflect and re-create material they found in the Norient archive.

Dr Mbaye’s keynote ‘On connecting the dots: music journalism reloaded’ addressed the new dynamics at play within the practice of music journalism. Interrogating contemporary practices in the field, her talk focused on the objects (what?), players (who?) and means (how?) of alternative music storytelling. This involved innovative powerhouses of knowledge production; radically committed brokers and ‘border-crossers’; as well as proteiform platforms of exchange, connection and diffusion.

Following her keynote, Dr Mbaye participated in a panel chaired by Theresa Beyer (journalist, Norient) with Kamila Metwaly (musician, curator, music journals, Savy Contemporary – Egypt); Ali Gul Pir (rapper, satirist – Bangladesh) and Bryan Little (film director – South Africa).

About Norient (

Norient, founded in 2002, has reinvented itself over the past three years. In 2020, the Norient Space ‘The Now in Sound’ has become a digital sound and media-art gallery and a junction for thinkers and artists who perceive sound as a seismograph of our time. It is a prototype that will grow organically with their contributors.

On the ‘Now in Sound’, Norient brings together their community of over 700 thinkers and artists from 50 countries, grown over the years, to create opportunities, earn fair fees, and present their ideas for the future to a broad public. Their leitmotiv: “Our post-critical world needs new voices, positions, and perspectives”.

About the event: see

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