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The view from Izmir

Andy made a  contribution to the Marmara Urban Forum (MARUF) held online on 1-2-3 October 2021 in Izmir, Turkey. The session was entitled “Authenti-city: How a symbol is born “. Andy spoke about image and place marketing as the enemy of the truly ‘creative city’. Andy was very pleased to attend as Asli Ceylan Oner was one of his past students!

Moderator: was Aslı Ceylan Öner, Assoc. Prof. Dr, Izmir Economy University,

 Andy’s co-Speakers:

1.Paul Knox, Prof. Dr., Virginia Tech,

2.Davide Ponzini, Dr., Politecnico di Milano,

3.Celal Abdi Güzer, Prof. Dr., CAG Mimarlık Atölyesi,

4.Tunç Soyer, Mayor, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality



sbbk273 • October 19, 2021

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