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In Conversation with CCCI and Friends, recording

On Monday 23rd May, CCI held its annual event, In Conversation with CCCI and Friends, to celebrate the UN Word Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. This year’s panel included Dr Matias Hernandez, George Gachara, Dr Jenny Mbaye and Prof Andy Pratt.

Matias, who is a cultural economist, opened the discussion by talking about the inequalities of the cultural workforce in the Global South with a particular focus on Chile. He shared his research on the socio-economic situation of cultural workers and the constraints and lack of appropriate pension schemes, funding opportunities and exports in the cultural and creative economy in the south region.

George, who is a creative industry expert and arts practitioner, talked about his work in supporting diversity, individual growth, social mobility and security for cultural and creative industry workers in Africa. His main concern is the sustainable livelihoods of cultural practitioners working in an informal economy. George has set up an investment fund, HEVA, to address these challenges. He spoke about the fund and how it is more of a business and market development facility rather than a private investment fund. George has also emphasised the need to rethink the processes and institutions dealing with cultural and creative workers that find themselves predominantly in an informal economy.

The discussion ended with an interesting question from one of the participants regarding the notion of risk in the cultural and creative economy and the ways to approach it, followed by Andy’s grand announcement that CCI has been awarded a UNESCO chair in global creating economy which will allow CCI to bring more policy makers, practitioners and academics together to explore the future of the cultural and creative sector.

You can find the recording of the event here:

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sbbk273 • May 26, 2022

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