CERES Industrial Consortium

Through the Industrial Consortium, City’s Centre for Compressor Technology provides a forum for industry and academia to coordinate pre-commercial (TRL 1-3) research on industry-relevant compression technologies for the energy transformation sector. The industrial partners can also benefit from a tailor made service whilst fostering a broader cross-business sector understanding of compression technology developments.

The Centre started the Industrial Consortium to create a network of partners for addressing global challenges by performing world-leading research in compression and expansion technologies for future energy systems and expanding the scope by sourcing funds from research councils.

Why companies join CERES industrial consortium?

  • Access to the cutting-edge and affordable research with high leverage ratio (>20:1).
  • Access to knowledge from related non-consortium open projects (lev. ratio >50:1).
  • Access to cutting-edge experimental and numerical facilities at the Centre for Compressor Technology and TFRC Centre.
  • Active participation in ongoing projects and steering of research directions
  • Provide input and directions on the future research topics and project ideas
  • Ability to use results from the Centre for Compressor Technology and TFRC with company internal R&D efforts: external validation, shorter internal efforts, etc.
  • Access to expert knowledge, fresh views, and new ideas: CCT, TFRC and other SMCSE centres with diversified range of backgrounds and research interests.
  • Access to opportunities to form teams with the world leading academics to reach larger governmental funds.
  • Additional, cost-effective contract research opportunities.
  • Excellent recruiting opportunities with access to well-trained and educated students that you can interact with throughout the academic career of the student.
  • Exclusive opportunities and reduced rates for participation in the biennial International Conference on Compressors and their Systems.
  • Access and review technology meetings, and additional technology focus briefings.

Companies and organisations wishing to learn more about the CERES Consortium membership should contact Centre for Compressor Technology Director, Professor Ahmed Kovacevic at A.Kovacevic@city.ac.uk