CERES Autumn meeting held at City on 3rd of November 2022

The second CERES meeting was held at City, University of London on the 3rd of November 2022. This whole-day hybrid event was chaired by Prof Ahmed Kovacevic and attended by CERES partners from industry and guest researchers from TU Dortmund.


PhD students from City presented on CERES-supported projects:

  • “Artificial Intelligence tools for accelerated performance predictions and design in compressor systems” by Uduak Ikono
  • “Sustainable Lubrication” by Shaikh Shahsharif.

Other exciting and relevant findings were also discussed:

  • “PIV, PLIF and IR measurements of roots blower” by Brijesh Patel, City, University of London
  • “Investigation of the oil distribution in wet running twin-screw compressors” by Matthias Heselmann, TU Dortmund
  • “Conjugate Heat Transfer in Positive Displacement Machines” by Dr Sham Rane, City, University of London
  • “Investigation of contact loads of unsynchronized screw machines” by Daniel Aurich, TU Dortmund
  • “Analysis and Design of Internally-Geared Screw Machines” by Dr Matthew Read, Halil Lacevic and Aleksander Krupa, City, University of London
  • “Investigation of the transverse acoustic modes of screw machines” by Meik Geissendorf, TU Dortmund


In the afternoon, we had an organised tour of the laboratories, where guests could hear about updates and current experiments being conducted. To conclude the event, we discussed ideas for future projects and got valuable input from industry about relevant topics that would be of interest.

I am highly elated to start working on the CERES Project. The distinguishing factor of CERES PhD project from other PhD is the collaboration of industries with the academics. This combination gives the best of both worlds and will make me industry ready. I have a master’s in mechanical engineering and combined that with my MBA, I am looking forward to make my PhD not only for academic research but to make economically viable research for industry to be used on large scale.

The thing which excites me the most is working under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Kovacevic and the industry leaders in Compressor and Lubrication technologies.

-said Shaikh Shahsharif, who will be working on CERES supported project “Lubricants for oil-injected positive displacement machines”

Dates for the next year have already been decided, and we are all looking forward to presenting project updates. Interested in joining CERES? Get in touch via email: a.kovacevic@city.ac.uk.