CERES autumn meeting held at City on the 14th of September

Through the Industrial Consortium, City’s Centre for Compressor Technology provides a forum for industry and academia to coordinate pre-commercial (TRL 1-3) research on industry-relevant compression technologies for the energy transformation sector. The industrial partners can also benefit from a tailor made service whilst fostering a broader cross-business sector understanding of compression technology developments.

Industrial Consortium on Compressors and Expanders in Future Energy Systems (CERES) is now in its second year of operation. With a growing industrial membership and an undivided support from Royal Academy of Engineering and the School of Science and Technology at City, University of London, it is already producing outcomes that ultimately lead to enhancement of related technologies and contribute to achieving Net-0 targets and energy savings.

Strong industrial membership includes companies that operate in the area of compressors, modelling systems and software and lubricants and ensures that industrially relevant topics are included in fundamental and applied research performed at City. We are expecting that more companies interested in new technologies like hydrogen compression, industrial heating with natural refrigerants and advanced energy systems will join the consortium and support our efforts to constantly improve technologies built in future energy systems. We invite young people interested in postdoctoral studies in this area to contact us and become a part of this initiative.

Autumn meeting was held at City, University of London following the 13th International Conference on Compressors and their Systems. We had an opportunity to host not only our industry partners and academic collaborators but also multiple guests interested in the work of CERES and the possibility of joining the consortium.

Researchers from City shared updates on the running projects:

  • Anurag Kishan (E,C&I Engineer at Howden, a Chart Industries Company and PhD Student at City, University of London), spoke about “Clearance Measurement in Rotating Positive Displacement Machines”
  • Dr Sham Rane (Research Fellow at City, University of London), presented the research proposal on the topic “Fundamental Studies on Two-Phase Screw Expanders For Heat Pumps”
  • Abhishek Kumar (Research Engineer at Kirloskar and PhD Student at City, University of London) talked about “Developing a Framework for Modelling & Analysing of Multi-Stage Screw Compressors”
  • Dr Juan Guzman-Inigo (Lecturer in Aerospace Propulsion at City, University of London) gave an update on the progress on the project “Identification and reduction of noise in PDMs”
  • Halil Lacevic (PhD Student at City, University of London) spoke about “Modelling of Internally Geared Screw Machines”
  • Jerrin Paul (Postgraduate student at City, University of London) presented the “Feasibility study on Oil free twin screw compressors without synchronizing gears”
  • Neeraj Bikramadity (PhD Student at City, University of London) talked about “Fluid Flow and Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis in Oil Free PD Machines”
  • Dr Sathiskumar Anusuya Ponnusami (Lecturer in Structural Mechanics at City, University of London) gave update on the project “Rotor profile design of twin-screw compressors using conditional generative modelling”

These interesting presentations set up a podium for a fruitfull discussions and industry experts had an opportunity to propose new research directions and interests.

We are also delighted to announce that Total Energies joined the CERES in 2023 as the 7th funding member.


CERES wants to use this opporunity to extend the season’s greetings and warm wishes for the holidays ahead.


Companies and organisations wishing to learn more about the CERES Consortium membership should contact Centre for Compressor Technology Director, Professor Ahmed Kovacevic at A.Kovacevic@city.ac.uk

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