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City student redesigns website for Oscar-winning production company

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An Oscar and BAFTA-winning production company, Oxford Film and Television (OXFT), has entrusted the redesign of its entire website with a City MSc in Electronic Publishing student, Nicholas Henebry.

The company, which has produced high quality drama, docu-drama and documentaries globally for organisations such as the BBC, Channel Four, HBO and Discovery, began working with City’s students on a class assignment in 2010 to develop prototypes for its new website.

Creative Director, Nick Kent and Head of Drama, Mark Bentley, were so impressed that they offered to continue the collaboration, selecting Henebry to develop his ideas further as part of his final Masters project, before offering him a paid position to complete and launch the site in May.

OXFT’s Bentley says: “It was a real pleasure involving Neil Thurman’s MSc Electronic Publishing students in the development of our new website. They were a huge help in helping us to understand what a website should be providing.

“In the end we really liked Nicolas Henebry’s design as well as his enthusiasm for making sure we were up-to-date with all the latest technologies. In implementing our new website he has developed his initial designs and has been very focused on making sure it all works under the bonnet and that we are able to keep it current – something that was very difficult with the previous site. We are delighted with the end result.”

Henebry adds: “Being responsible for every stage of the project, from analysis and design through to development and deployment gave me the chance to experience every aspect of modern web development.

“It was an often difficult, always challenging, but ultimately extremely rewarding process, putting a year of study into practice by working with a great client. Being in that position of responsibility I learnt more, more quickly, than I ever could have from just being in a class room. This practical dimension also gives me something in addition to academic results to build on in future.”

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