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Centre for Better Managed Health and Social Care – Annual Debate

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The Centre for Better Managed Health and Social Care is pleased to announce that our Annual Debate this year will take place at 18.00 on 26 October at Cass Business School.

With all the distractions of the seismic shifts of policy affecting the NHS, social care, local authority responsibilities, new third sector relationships and the experience of pause, listen, go again, it is easy to describe all aspects of the Centre’s brief as having had a turbulent year.

But despite all such machinations, on the ground, this last year has seen the health agenda shift more firmly away from an explicit focus on quality and outcomes. Instead, local actions appear to be dominated by affordability, whilst leaders increasingly struggle to maintain credibility as they call for the double: improvement in both value for money and outcomes.

We are therefore delighted that our annual debate will bring together three of the critical drivers which policy-makers are seeking to harness in new ways to strengthen the practical prospects for better outcomes with fewer resources:

• Nick Bishop (Senior Medical Advisor, Care Quality Commission) will make the case for regulation contributing to better quality;

• Mike Kelly (Director, Centre for Public Health Excellence) will put forward the case for standards as an enabler for better quality; and

• Andrew Taylor (Director, Co-operation and Competition Panel for NHS-Funded Services) will explore the role of competition as a lever to drive quality up.

When presented with the evidence interpreted by these experts, will you view the policy debates through new eyes and be able to be more discerning about the options available to leaders as they face the complexities of the current climate within the glare of public opinion and subject to political expediencies?

To book a place at this event, please email Shivani Patel

Alternatively, please call 0207 040 5223.

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