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Alumni Team win Green Impact Award

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Left to right: Joanna Romanowicz (NUS), Anita Jethwa (Development Team), Abigail Borchert (Alumni Team) and Professor Tim Lang (City's Centre for Food Policy)

We are very proud to announce that The Development and Alumni Relations team (DARO) was awarded a Bronze in this year’s Green Impact Awards, a great scheme designed by the NUS to help universities in greening their campuses.

Our Green Champions, Anita Jethwa (Development Assistant) and Abigail Borchert (Alumni Relations Assistant) successfully completed 23 practical actions, all designed to help the environment. These included:

  • Ensuring there are adequate recycling bins in the office
  • Posting energy-awareness posters to encourage staff to cut down on energy use
  • Setting up a shut-down responsibility plan to ensure all lights and equipment are turned off at end of day
  • Informing staff on how to double-side copy to cut down on paper usage
  • Recycling all printer cartridges used in office
  • Setting up a stamp recycling box for donations to a charitable reuse scheme
  • Setting up a stationery reuse scheme
  • Informing staff on cycling facilities that are available to them
  • Ensuring all tea and coffee provided by department is Fairtrade
  • Ensuring all photocopier paper purchased by department is made from at least 70% recycle paper
  • Ensuring all new staff are given a green induction

Dawn White, City’s Environmental Officer, said: Abby and Anita are two of the most dedicated and enthusiastic Environmental Champions we have at City.  They have been instrumental in helping to raise awareness of City’s environmental initiatives and green issues in general with colleagues and alumni.  And by participating in Green Impact they have ensured that DARO are doing as much as they can to help reduce City’s carbon footprint.

Well done both!

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