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From London to New York. Cass alumnus Krishna Verma shares his journey

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Studying at Cass Business School, was a great decision. London is truly an exceptionally diverse city where one can learn so much about different cultures and experience a new adventure every day. This really helped me grow as a person as it broadened my horizons and, more importantly, helped me to develop a perspective I can call my own.

I studied BSc. (Hons) Accounting & Finance, and I’m not going to lie to you, the course was very intense. I put in a lot of hard work over my three years, and I was rewarded with knowledge which prepared me for my new life today as a young finance professional in New York City.

Crossing the Atlantic to follow a career opportunity

London and New York City are very similar yet different cities, each one has its own unique energy and personality. Even though London holds a special place in my heart, I felt that moving to NYC was the right decision as it is truly the heart of the financial world. America is the land of opportunity, where one can work hard and be well rewarded for the effort.

I was facing many problems finding a permanent position in London, mainly due to the change in work permit laws for international students. I had never failed at anything in my life before, yet while trying to find a permanent position in London, I faced so many rejections which almost made me question myself, was I good enough, does my nationality define me?

I decided to not give up and took the challenge as an opportunity to prove myself. I secured an internship with a boutique investment bank in the City working within their M&A division. I networked hard, especially with the President of the bank who began his career with UBS AG in New York City. Nearing the end of my internship, I got my current position at UBS in NYC by leveraging what I had learned about the industry through my internship.

Study what inspires you and grab the opportunities early enough

I would recommend Cass Business School, to all who are passionate about the field of finance as the experience of studying there will allow you to find inspiration from great minds who teach you as well as those you study alongside with. The in-depth knowledge gained is also taught from a practical perspective which will allow you to face challenges in the demanding work environment from your first day on the job. Studying and working alongside your fellow students as well as the vast alumni network, will build you a strong network with the future leaders of the field.

Finally, my advice to students interested in the financial industry is very simple, make the best of the opportunities you have and seize them at the earliest. Work hard and dedicate to what you want to achieve and, at the same time, learn to adapt your goals to the situation at hand.

I intended on staying in London, but life took me in another direction. I was so disheartened and emotionally broken when I realized I would not be able to pursue my goal of staying in London, but now when I look back at, I wish I could have seen where I would end up.

Contributed by Krishna Verma

2 Responses to From London to New York. Cass alumnus Krishna Verma shares his journey

  1. Jing Yu says:

    Great Story. I have some similar experiences too. I like London a lot too. But I am glad I came to NYC to explore new opportunities.

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