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Journalism alumna Iona Craig wins prestigious award

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Iona Craig, BA Journalism 2010, is an independent journalist based in Sana’a, Yemen where she has been working as the Times Yemen correspondent since 2010. She has recently won the Frontline Club 2014 award, Print category, for her work in the region. The Frontline Club Awards seek to recognise new emerging talents and established names who have shown integrity, courage and independent spirit in their work.

Meet Iona

Iona used to work in the horse racing industry, riding and training racehorses in the UK, Australia and Ireland.  After thirteen years she left the world of jumping and racing behind her to return to the UK where she studied her degree at City in addition to studying Arabic for two years part-time.

According to her blog, since her graduation Iona has worked for: BBC Newsnight (in 2008), the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (2010), GCap Media (now Global Radio 2007-2008), Bloomberg News (2010) and gained valuable experience with the Sunday Times after winning the Tom Walker Trust Award in 2009.

In October 2010 she moved to Sana’a, Yemen and worked as an editor and then managing editor for The Yemen Times. Due to growing demand as Yemen’s revolution began she left the Yemen Times in February 2011 to concentrate on freelance work.

Iona’s work in Yemen

Craig has covered America’s covert war in Yemen for four years. Her investigation into a US drone attack that left 12 civilians dead, took her to travel undercover to the strike site six days after the bombing of a wedding convoy in remote central Yemen.

The Frontline Club describes her work:

“A story that it takes courage and careful preparation to report given the danger of kidnapping in Yemen. But it is important that people on the ground verify who is being hit by drones – otherwise the story is left to propagandists.

Iona Craig has done this convincingly in the sort of story that only a reporter who knows a country well can do.”

Iona has been back as a guest lecturer at City University London, spoken at the British Yemeni Society and Chatham House. She has also carried out workshops and training for journalists in both Yemen and the UK.

Learn more about Iona’s work.

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