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meetupCass Alumni Ambassador and MBA alumnus (2015) Doug Markey sat down for a chat with fellow MBA alumna (2004) Kal Atwal about MBA networking events in London. Here is what he had to say.

Q: There have been rumours about regular monthly socials in London for Cass MBA Alumni, tell us more …

The monthly socials were an idea put together by some of the recent MBA Alumni cohorts. We recognised people from different years socialised in different parts of the city. We wanted to connect a wide range of people from different backgrounds together.

Q: You are the Alumni Ambassador for the UK, what drove you to step up?

I believe that our MBA Alumni network is extremely valuable. It’s mutually beneficial for everyone to stay involved. Even if you only engage once or twice a year, you never know who you could meet or what path it might take you on. For me the Cass experience didn’t finish when my coursework finished. I’m always happy to step up to whatever extent I can help out locally or elsewhere.

Q: What is your hope for the future of Cass MBA Alumni?

Long after I’ve moved on, I’d like to see a vibrant active alumni community not only here in London but in every major city around the world. We’re starting out with MBA Alumni in London where Cass HQ is based and would like to link up with other areas too. So no matter where Cass MBA Alumni are travelling to throughout Continental Europe, Asia and the US, they will have people to reach out to. As well as having activities and events that are specifically for Alumni.

Q: How can MBA Alumni benefit?

One of the benefits of the MBA is being surrounded by people from a lot of different backgrounds and sectors. Once you’re back at work again, you’re likely silo’d within a specific industry dealing with a core set of problems and issues. Reaching back out to a wider network allows you to experience having conversations again with people with different perspectives and experiences. It’s mutually beneficial for everyone to stay involved. Even if you only drop in once or twice a year, you never know who you could meet or what path it might take you on.

Q: How can MBA Alumni hear more?

If you’re based in London, visit London or just want to be kept in the loop, here are 4 ways you can get connected:

1) Engage with us on Social Media. Our LinkedIn Group and Facebook pages are up and running. Here you will find out more about upcoming events such as the monthly informal socials.

2) Stop by the monthly informal drinks on the 1st Tuesday of every month, even if only to say hi.

3) Reach out to your fellow alumni and help us spread the word, meet up with them at the socials. One of the most important things for us right now is to get the message out to as many of the Alumni as we can. This would really help us expand our reach.

4) Keep your details with the Cass Alumni Relations Team up to date. This will help us invite you to events we will be putting on throughout the year specifically for MBA Alumni going forward. Click here to update your details.

Find out more about Doug and the other Ambassadors here.

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