Year: 2016

#Cassat50: Ralf Arditti, 1970

Ralf Arditti studied MBA Administrative Sciences, 1970 and was active in promoting the School to students in Turkey after he graduated. His wife created the “Soaring Wings” sculpture that stands in the courtyard at Cass today! Why did you come to Cass? The main reason was the location. Then, the Business School was located in…Continue Reading #Cassat50: Ralf Arditti, 1970

Saving the world, one coffee at a time

Francois de Vinols and Koorosh Madani (both BSc Investment and Financial Risk Management, 2013) were best friends from day one at Cass, and have now returned, bringing their innovative coffee cup advertising concept, and using the revenue for the tricky recycling process. We spoke to them about it. Tell me about your time at Cass!…Continue Reading Saving the world, one coffee at a time

The Career Mastery: Effective Communication

Deniz Sasal (Executive MBA, 2013) currently works for PwC Consulting, and has started his own careers blog that will “share valuable insider information that most hiring managers wouldn’t share”. We have been allowed to publish extracts from the blog. You can read more on Writing a Compelling Resume Objective & Resume Summary Writing a…Continue Reading The Career Mastery: Effective Communication

#Cassat50: Sasha Saenko, 2011 & 2012

Sasha studied BSc Management (2008-2011) and MSc Supply Chain, Trade & Finance (2011-2012), and is still involved with the Cass Consultancy Society, through which she mentors a current Cass student. She is a management consultant at PwC. We caught up for our continuing #Cassat50 series. Why did you come to Cass? I think the main…Continue Reading #Cassat50: Sasha Saenko, 2011 & 2012