365 days of Greece

Not only is Maria Repouskou (Global Migration, 2012) one of our amazing Alumni Ambassadors, she has also jointly set up a business venture that is going to transform Greece from a summer holiday hotspot to a destination for all seasons.   

Can you tell me about your time at City?

Being a student at City was an amazing experience. The academic part was very inspiring and re-shaped my way of thinking and has made me a better person. But it was the city life that was the game changer. I was drawn by meeting new people, different cultures and points of views. I made friends for life.  I opened my house and welcomed people for Greek dinners and they were more than happy to respond in the same way. I believe it was those experiences that sparked my passion for hospitality.

What happened after you graduated?

Post graduation I became an intern for a major immigration law firm in London and continued on the same career path for a year. I then decided to return to Athens, in very turbulent times. I struggled as a job-seeker and though immigration was a huge matter, there was no right use of people with in-depth knowledge on the matter. That was when I realized it was time for a career switch. I joined Alba Graduate Business School and study Tourism Management. I like to think of my academic path as a constant need to understand human mobility – the whys and the hows. After graduating a second time, I began a career in the tourism industry in Greece, a sector that is currently flourishing and still has a lot of potential.

How did travel12 come about?

I was a travel designer back in the day, crafting luxury itineraries that entailed pretty much only Mykonos and Santorini. That was the time I met my colleagues, Tasos Mylonas and Vasilis Krassas. We all came from different backgrounds and careers. But realizing that the travel12 concept was missing from the Greek tourism landscape is what brought us together. We teamed up and put this idea into practice one step at a time. And it has been an amazing journey ever since!

We are firm believers of Greece being a 12 months a year destination and decided we wanted to spare you from the multiple open tabs and provide you with the means to shape and craft your very own experience.  We follow a wholesome approach that does not limit itself to the yearly calendar. The travel12 experience is end-to-end and seamless from the word go. We don’t just pile up things to do, building itineraries. We offer all the right dots and invite you to connect them of your own will while being there for you every step of the way. We are not after the bulk and what’s most buzzed about. We like the lesser known, the underdog, the real-deal. And we are more than sure that travellers are like days; now two are the same.

What has been the biggest challenge with regards to your travel12?

Starting up! But once you’ve started the road is always upwards!

What has been the most rewarding experience?

Creating something from scratch. The whole team has put its soul into this venture. If you don’t love what you do, then nothing good can come out of it.

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to follow in your footsteps?

Don’t be afraid to implement the idea and don’t think in a negative manner. You will be surprised by the things you believed you can’t do but you actually can.


Finally, it’s the quick-fire question round!

Favourite place in London: Decisions, decisions. I adore this city and picking one is really difficult. But I have to say, Columbia Flower Market always made my day!
Favourite holiday destination: Italy and especially Firenze and the broader Tuscany region.
Must check every-day website: Vanity Fair for the brilliant writing and The Man Repeller for the laughs and the amazing understanding of millennials.
Dream travel destination: Marrakesh
Cheese or chocolate: If both is not a choice then I pick cheese!


Don’t forget to check out travel12.gr for your next Greek adventure!