Month: October 2017

Stonehenge Heritage & History

Alumnus Neil L. Thomas (Engineering, 1951) has written a number of books about the prehistoric landmark Stonehenge. The second in the series, Stonehenge Heritage & History concerns the history of the ancient monument in southern England and the people who built it. This book explains how arithmetic, geometry, linear measurements, geometric principles were well established…Continue Reading Stonehenge Heritage & History

Neighbourhood Foodies

Marcello Giannuzzi (MG) and Kartikeya ‘Kat’ Shukla (KS) (Both Executive MBA, 2014) and Finn Callaghan (FC) are the team behind DubbaHood, a company that connects home cooks with people looking for freshly prepared meals in their neighbourhood a la ‘Airbnb for Food’. We chatted about entrepreneurship, belief and, of course, a lot about food. Tell…Continue Reading Neighbourhood Foodies

A Phoenix Rising

 A firefighter from the age of 18, Clifford Thomspon (MA Narrative Non-Fiction Writing, 2012) has dealt with his fair share of disasters, now he writes about them. Here Clifford talks about his debut memoir Falling Through Fire.  Can you tell me about your time at City? I was at City from 2010 to 2012. I…Continue Reading A Phoenix Rising