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Daniel VolpeCongratulations to Daniel Volpe (Business Undergraduate Exchange, 2008) for recently qualifying as an actuary in Brazil – the highest level of qualification attainable within the Institute and Faculties of Actuaries (IFoA). What makes this achievement even more special is that Daniel is widely considered to be the first Brazilian to qualify and to do so in his native country!

Having now received the FIA (Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries) designation, Daniel shares with us how Cass Business School has hugely enhanced his career and helped to secure him his dream job!


Can you tell me about your time at Cass?

As part of my Actuarial Science Degree from the University of Rome, I spent my last year at Cass Business School through a scholarship arrangement. For me, it was a unique opportunity to have contact with the British actuarial profession and standards. I took full advantage of it by attending lectures in topics that were not easily available in my home country. While studying hard, I have also met very interesting people, who I continue to keep in constant contact with.

My plan was to have an international working experience after my graduation. I found the carrier centre of City most helpful with preparing for job interviews.


What happened after you graduated?

After graduation, I started working for an actuarial consulting firm, which helped me to gain the international experience I was seeking.

After five years of working there, I received a phone call from the Chief Actuary of a large multinational bancassurance company, who explained to me that there was a vacancy in my home town in Brazil. Having studied at Cass, it certainly helped me to score points at this process and secure this appointment.

I have also started actuarial exams for the IFoA. Although there is not such a formal process to become a qualified actuary in Brazil, I believe that this is the best class of actuarial qualification and it will only benefit my future career.


Congratulations on becoming – what appears to be – the first Brazilian FIA! 

Successfully completing my actuary qualification and becoming an IFoA member has not only been a huge career goal but pure self-achievement. This was particularly rewarding to me as it was not an obligation of my role but something I just personally wanted to accomplish.


Do you have any advice for anyone looking to follow in your footsteps?

I recommend people exploring the possibilities that may take you out of your comfort zone. This is what makes life exiting!

For Brazilians planning on taking the IFoA exam, I recommend being prepared to “run a marathon”.


Now for some quick fire questions:

Where is your favourite place in London?

The financial centre at Canary Wharf has always inspired me as a place I would like to work at – which I did on many occasions.

I also enjoy the surrounding areas of Buckingham Palace including Green and Hyde parks.

What is your favourite holiday destination (that you’ve travelled to)?

I believe it is very important how you get to your destination. The trip I enjoyed most was a two-week car trip from Germany to Italy.

Which website do you check every day? 

BBC News

What is your dream travel holiday?

A sailing trip

Do you prefer cheese or chocolate?