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Todor MadzharovSince graduating from Cass Business School, Todor Madzharov (Management, 2011) has been helping many graduates and students find jobs at one of the UK’s top hiring apps, JOB TODAY. As the Chief Marketing Officer, Todor leads the marketing and acquisition efforts, and contributes towards product strategy and vision to ensure sustainable growth paths are followed. He has also helped to develop new market release playbooks which have played an important role in the global expansion of JOB TODAY.

Find out more about Todor and how he secured his dream job below:

Can you tell me about your time at Cass?

It was an amazing year and the best part was meeting all the great people. I did not expect such diversity in terms of academic and professional background – in my course we had people who had studied gambling, engineering, business, chemistry and sports sciences. It was amazing. Spending time with these people was the best thing and really gave me a new perspective on life and business.

The nature of the course meant that as well as academic knowledge, I also developed great networking skills by mixing with students from all over the world.

What happened after you graduated?

It did take me several months to find the right job. Most of my classmates were going into consulting and were applying for jobs months in advance. They were participating in the graduate schemes of big companies. However, joining the corporate world was never tempting for me. I was looking for a job in a startup, I wanted to challenge and disrupt the big corporates, not join them.

Eventually, I was lucky to get a digital marketing role at a really promising startup. There were a dozen people trying to disrupt the huge and established lettings agency industry, by digitising the process and by making tenant fees and vetting more transparent.

How did you get involved in JOB TODAY?

It was very opportunistic. At the time I was working at WPP, building a digital acquisition team for Ford of Europe. I had been doing this job for two and a half years, achieved a lot, and it was a good time for a change. When JOB TODAY’s CEO got in touch with me, I was instantly attracted by the strength and clarity of his vision – enable everyone to find work the same day! How can you not want to be a part of this?

What have been the biggest challenges?

Learning that you have to make decisions quickly and accepting that you will make a lot of the wrong ones. But that’s OK. In a startup that is challenging big and established companies and disrupting an industry, there is no time to dwell. You have to get on with it. It’s better to fail occasionally and learn in the process, than to try and be perfect.

What has been the most rewarding experience?

At JOB TODAY, the most rewarding experience is reading the App Store reviews that our users leave us. It has become a bit of a daily habit. We have an internal Slack channel where we publish all our app reviews and it’s incredibly powerful to see that you are impacting people’s lives positively every day. It’s the main reason I look forward to going to the office every day and helping the company grow.

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to follow in your footsteps?

Be brave and be curious. If you are not happy or don’t feel challenged in your job, look for something better. In this day and age, you don’t have to wear a suit and be in a Canary Wharf office to be considered successful. London is an amazing place, there are thousands of small companies that are looking for smart and driven people and will give them the opportunity to grow and learn. You have to take these opportunities.

Thank you to Todor for sharing his story!

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