Day: October 16, 2019

The Student Hardship Fund

Katie is a second year midwifery student who came very close to dropping out in her first year of study. Solely reliant upon her own finances means that Katie has developed an incredibly strong work ethic, always supplementing her studies with part time work. However, the demands of the midwifery course and the requirement that…Continue Reading The Student Hardship Fund

The Student Hardship Fund

Doyin has recently completed an MSc in Insurance and Risk Management at the Business School. But without the help of your donations and the student hardship fund this might not have happened. A highly motivated and driven individual, Doyin undertook her Masters in order to bolster the seven years of experience she had already gained…Continue Reading The Student Hardship Fund

The CommuniCATE Aphasia Clinic

At the outset, the Clinic’s aim was to dramatically improve people’s ability to communicate after a stroke. By making use of life-changing interventions through modern technology, the project focuses on enabling and providing vital therapy to those with aphasia. Indeed, for those living with this condition, the Clinic is now ensuring that stroke survivors receive…Continue Reading The CommuniCATE Aphasia Clinic

Care Leavers Initiative – ‘City Cares’

An undergraduate in the second year of her Business Studies degree, Sara is unequivocal about the difference that City Cares and the Cass Future Fund donors have made to her life. She told us: “Reassurance and confidence are the two things that I get from the bursary and all of the extra-curricular support that City…Continue Reading Care Leavers Initiative – ‘City Cares’