Executive Editor of Business Insider Spriha Srivastava (International Journalism, 2009) gives City students the ‘Inside’ scoop.

Spriha Srivastava (International Journalism, 2009), current Executive Editor of Business Insider, recounts her time at City, her role in the University newsroom, working towards deadlines and the lessons she learned that have stayed with her to this day. She inspired our journalism students with her journey and experiences; going from a City student to the Executive Editor of Business Insider,

Speaking to the students about my journey since I graduated from City University took me back to the Northampton Square campus. I remember how we used to look forward to these guest lectures in order to get an insight into the real world of journalism. And so I tried my best to use real-life examples during my lecture in order to help the students understand the challenges and the fun of being a journalist.”    

In these challenging times, learning about Spriha’s career is an invaluable experience for our graduating students; to help them understand the job market they will be facing.

James Rodgers, Reader in International Journalism, (who chaired Spriha’s discussion with students) said,    

“We were delighted to welcome Spriha back to City—even if it was on Zoom this time. The student feedback was really positive. Spriha’s willingness to talk to students even when it is such a busy time for senior editors like her really shows the value of our alumni network.”

As the world has changed drastically in a very short time, Spriha discussed the challenges the current pandemic imposes on journalists,

We live in unprecedented times and the coronavirus pandemic has placed special responsibility on the journalists. We are the carrier of news but before we publish something, we have to be able to understand it ourselves so we don’t mislead our readers.”  

Spriha’s secret behind her successful career is something that is easy to adapt to yourself – hard work and determination:

Being a journalist is a constant work-in-progress. I constantly find myself learning new things. I studied politics and international relations but ended up being a financial journalist. It wasn’t easy but I spent a lot of time reading financial market books, WSJ, FT and others that helped me understand basic concepts that drive the market.”