Month: November 2020

Overcoming barriers

In conversation with Aleksander Napieralski (BSc (Hons) Finance, 2020) Despite the challenges of living with Dyslexia and ADHD, Aleksander Napieralski (BSc (Hons) Finance, 2020) continues to show a huge commitment to working hard! Not only did he graduate from his undergraduate degree with the Business School (formerly Cass) earlier on this year, he is already…Continue Reading Overcoming barriers

Cultural Appreciation

Miyuki Seguchi was born and raised in Japan. But it wasn’t until she returned after completing a Masters in Financial Journalism (2011) that she started to appreciate its wonder. Armed with her journalism experience and now also a qualification in tourism, Miyuki has created a podcast, Japan Experts, to share her reaffirmed love of Japanese…Continue Reading Cultural Appreciation

Ode to a Grecian Alumna

A finalist in the 2020 British Council Alumni Awards in Greece, Sophia Peloponnissiou’s (Museum and Gallery management, 2000) contribution to art and culture is more than noteworthy. Having set up the largely voluntary Katakouzenos House Museum, Sophia is on a mission to ‘revive a mid-20th century Athenian house and turn it from a residential venue…Continue Reading Ode to a Grecian Alumna

Sixty years at City: An interview with Alan Parish

Written by Gemma Bradshaw “I consider City to be the place which has provided the most significant influence on my life” This year, Alan Parish is celebrating his sixtieth year as a staff member at City. Reflecting on his time at the University, from his very first steps inside the then Northampton College of Advanced…Continue Reading Sixty years at City: An interview with Alan Parish

Lights, Camera…Podcast

Sagar Radia (Media and Sociology, 2007) is no stranger to the spotlight; you may recognise him from ITV’s The Good Karma Hospital. He has also acted in Jesse Eisenberg’s play The Spoils and is currently on-screen in HBO/BBC’s new finance show Industry. But now, Sagar is using his platform ‘to celebrate and ignite honest conversations…Continue Reading Lights, Camera…Podcast