In Conversation with City’s Alumni Mentors: Kehinde Adeyinka (LLB, 2011)

After graduating from City, University of London’s Law School in 2011, Kehinde Adeyinka has enjoyed a successful career within the legal field and is currently working as a Conveyancer for Premier Property Lawyers. In 2020, Kehinde was nominated for the Mentor of the Year Award by her mentee from the November 2019 mentoring cohort. Kehinde spoke to us about her most memorable moments as a mentor and shared her key advice for fellow alumni who are considering joining the mentoring scheme.


Tell us a bit about your time at City.

I studied on the LLB course at City, University of London and graduated with a 2:1 in 2011. I enjoyed my first and second years at City as I met a lot of lifelong friends, I spent my final year working hard with a lot of guided support from the Law School. City offered me a rewarding and balanced experience, each programme was well taught and there was always that extra push from course tutors.


How did you first hear about the professional mentoring scheme? What inspired you to join the scheme?

Kehinde Adeyinka I joined the mentoring scheme in 2018 after an invitation from another City alumni and friend. We both utilised the career services when we both attended City and had incredible experiences with our mentors that was life changing for me at the time.  The advice, encouragement and push from the staff really helped and, having remembered the impact my mentor had on me, I was keen to give back. I naturally enjoy helping people out and, in the past, I have completed a coaching certification but found mentoring style more suitable for me.  In addition, I am school governor at my local primary school, so I find giving my time & experience personally rewarding.


In your opinion, what is a mentor supposed to do?  / What are the positives of having a mentor?

A mentor is like a guide, a person who directs and positively influences you in your personal and professional growth. But more importantly, it is a professional relationship that is tuned to the needs of the mentee such as helping with setting goals, career expectations, identifying useful resources that focuses on the development of the mentee.  A successful mentoring relationship could include:

–              Improved self-esteem and confidence

–              Getting support from someone with experience

–              Improved goal setting, planning and positive call to action

–              Exposure to a wider perspective and opportunity to self-reflect

Above all, where there is mutual respect and trust, giving and receiving feedback can be mutually beneficial for continued personal development.


What has been one of the highlights of your time as a mentor?

Join the alumni mentor schemeThe comment and genuine appreciation from my mentees during and even after the scheme ended has been an ongoing highlight for me. Particularly when they reach a milestone in their journey, such as the follow-up telephone calls after an interview, job offers and personal notes. I received a nomination for the Mentor of the Year award 2020, and my mentee had written:

“My mentor has impacted my development as she has helped and guided me through processes such as CV checks, write-ups for answers for applications and these outcomes have been beneficial to me… [Kehinde’s guidance] has allowed me to see how things can be in the future. I have heard stories about Kehinde’s experiences which reassure me and have brought good ideas and changes to myself. I appreciate how helpful Kehinde has been throughout the time of knowing her and will definitely remain in contact!”


What would you say to someone who is thinking about becoming a professional mentor?

My advice to anyone thinking of becoming a professional mentor is simple, the world needs more kindness, and we all have something to offer. Your personal experiences and lessons learnt in industry across your career journey are tools that can be shaped to help mentor students or even colleagues in your place of work.  The City mentoring scheme has a trusted network of staff & people who are passionate, hands-on with training and support along the way in your mentoring relationship which is refreshing and absolutely wonderful because they truly care.

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