Introducing Bayes Business School – Alumni gathered worldwide to reconnect and mark the start of a new chapter for the Business School

On October 19th, City and Bayes alumni from around the world gathered to mark the Business School’s name change. The well-received celebrations commenced with the online event “Introducing Bayes Business School” hosted by Professor Paolo Volpin, Dean of Bayes Business School. The event attracted  alumni registrations from 71 different countries. Dr Sionade Robinson, Vice-President Enterprise, Engagement & Employability, stressed in her welcome speech the importance of the changes the University is making, and the alumni community’s engagement.
“All of us play a really important role in shaping the future of Bayes Business School and City University, and our own world-spanning community, so thank you so much for your continued commitment and support and thank you again for joining us today.”

The event continued with an overview from Professor Volpin, looking at the Bayes Business School’s new vision, purpose, and mission.
“We will take full advantage of Bayes, the name itself and what it means,” Professor Volpin said. “At Bayes, we champion the spirit of purposeful enquiry. Our aim is to cultivate a persistent sense of curiosity rooted in knowledge and practice.”
Lindsey Venden, Head of Marketing, explained how the Bayes brand is being built worldwide, concluding that word of mouth is still the most powerful marketing tool and encouraged alumni and all members of our community to show their support. Professor Andreas Tsanakas, Professor of Risk Management, and Dr Rui Zhu, Senior Lecturer in Statistics at the Faculty of Actuarial Science and Insurance, introduced the Bayes’ theorem, and showed how it finds application in a wide range of everyday situations. Something to remember next time we buy a new sofa online or apply for a credit card!

After the virtual event, alumni got together at seven in-person gatherings, organised by the dedicated City and Bayes’ Alumni Ambassadors. Alumni met up in Athens, Manama, Bangalore, Dubai, New Delhi, San Francisco, and Mumbai, in many cases re-connecting in person for the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic. As the international events continued into the evening, photos and comments from alumni began to arrive.

Greece Alumni Ambassador Maria Repouskou (MA Global Migration, 2012) expressed her delight in being able to mark this important occasion with her fellow alumni.
“This event was very special to us as alumni. It was yet another reason to be proud of City, University of London, and Bayes Business School for embracing change, constantly improving, and reflecting the values of diversity and inclusion. Exceptional organisation as per usual and a truly enjoyable evening for us all.”

Karen Lippoldt, Head of Alumni Relations at City, commented “It was the most amazing and proud day! I’m grateful to our alumni volunteers for their dedication, time and effort; and to everyone in the Alumni Relations team for their professionalism and tireless work.”

New Delhi alumni gathering.
Athens alumni gathering.
Manama alumni gathering.
Dubai alumni gathering.

An in-person event in London is planned as well. Unfortunately, it had to be postponed due to Covid but will take place at a later date.

Watch the recording of the online event “Introducing Bayes Business School”.

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  1. It was a great evening at Delhi. Would like to have these at regular intervals.

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