My first job after graduation…and how I got there

We’re delighted to introduce you to Junaid Malik (Accounting and Finance, 2021). Following graduation, Junaid registered with the City Careers Service to help him find a suitable role in financial accounting and taxation. Find out more about his experience of studying at Bayes and how he found employment…


Can you tell us what you’re doing professionally now?

I am currently working as a Graduate Corporation Tax Assistant at Arnold Hill and Co LLP, London. I have also been given an apprenticeship to study for the ACA/CTA programme. Some of the modules that I studied at Bayes have given me the skills and knowledge to undertake this programme.

Congratulations! How did City Careers Service help you achieve this?

Helen Kempster and the Careers Team were instrumental in helping me to build my curriculum vitae and write strong cover letters. Having an interest in taxation and financial accounting, I was looking for a role in these areas when I graduated, so Helen gave me tips on how to find suitable jobs in these fields.

Her support allowed me to secure a part-time role working as a Junior Account Assistant at accounting firm, Amifro Associates. Benefitting from of the Careers Service, I was able to efficiently balance my work and study and attempt to gain exposure to the work of an accountant.

Fortunately, with the help from the Careers Service, I was able to find exactly the role that I was looking for.

As someone who has graduated and found work, what would your advice be to current students wishing to follow in your footsteps?

Accounting and Finance is a broad field and the degree from Bayes Business School provides many opportunities in various areas. When I first started my job search, I was sending applications everywhere which was very time-consuming. I would suggest that those looking for work following graduation, consider some specific areas/modules of the degree that they are most interested in. In my case, I was more interested in areas of financial accounting and taxation and had higher marks in these modules.

Once the area of interest has been found, research roles that are relevant to this area. In my case, I found the ACA/CTA pathway the most relevant to my interest in accounting and taxation. Once this has been identified, reach out to the Careers Team and get their guidance on where to look for these roles. The Careers Team advised me to register with many job sites including Reed, Indeed, Financial Times and many more.

Sending more specific applications for roles of interest certainly helped me the most in finding work. This is more constructive, as recruiters become aware of the applicant’s strengths and interests, and it gives a greater chance of securing a role.

My other advice would be:

1) Build a strong curriculum vitae and cover letter with the help of the Careers Team;

2) Create a strong LinkedIn profile to allow easier contact with recruiters

It would be great to hear more about your time at Bayes. Any standout moments or projects that you enjoyed?

I was accepted to the Business School in September 2018 as an Accounting and Finance student. Scholarship awards were given to students based on their past academic achievements and I was awarded a Global Leader’s Scholarship.

From the first year, I immediately enjoyed the course, especially the exposure I had to areas of accounting, law, and finance, and learning how I would apply all this new knowledge in the real world. I also enjoyed working with people from different backgrounds, which helped me to develop effective teamwork skills. There are many other skills that I developed while being a student at Bayes. The high standard and time-pressured examinations improved my speed and accuracy – skills that are essential for an accountant. The coursework assignments and final year projects significantly improved my research skills and ability to present reports in a structured and coherent manner.

During my second year, I joined the Merger and Acquisition and Private Equity Society where I was a Junior Analyst. I worked with a team to write an article on a market trend that was published in the 2020 Society Newsletter. With a passion for economics, I was also selected to be a student writer for Trade Finance Global.

I took part in the Professional Mentoring Programme in my first year and was able to get academic support from my mentor, who was also a graduate of the Business School.

Overall, I have received immense support from the Business School and City, University of London. The teaching at Bayes was phenomenal and I am honoured to have studied there. I would recommend this School to anyone wishing to pursue a career in accounting and finance.

Thanks to Junaid for sharing his experiences!

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