Could you share your experience and inspire the next generation of City students?

We are reaching out to alumni based in London and south east England to seek their support for an initiative designed to provide local secondary school and college pupils with insights into university life and their possible career options.

This will entail a series of subject/industry-specific events providing information that will help reduce inequalities of education and access for the attending pupils. By joining this initiative, they would be playing a key role in giving the next generation of City, University of London students a feel for the potential path that lies ahead.

Reasons to get involved

  • Give young people insight into how useful a degree can be
  • Open their eyes to the opportunities university can create
  • Show them that doing certain studies doesn’t close the door to doing something different afterwards

Format and venue

  • UniFocus Days (for pupils over 16)
  • Taster Weeks (14-15-year-olds)
  • City, University of London Northampton Square campus building

Involvement in the initiative could take any of the following formats, to be discussed with the Widening Participation Events Team:

  • 30-60-minute activity session
  • Panel discussion
  • Networking lunch
  • Etc.


Wed 31 January: Computer Science Uni-Focus Day (10:00–16:30)

Mon 19 – Fri 23 February: Engineering Taster Week (all day)

Wed 28 February: Politics UniFocus Day (10:00–16:30)

Mon 4 – Fri 8 March: Business and Enterprise Taster Week (all day)

Wed 13 March: Psychology UniFocus Day (10:00–16:30)

Mon 25 – Fri 28 March: Creative Industries Taster Week (all day)

Wed 27 March: Engineering Uni-Focus Day (10:00–16:30)

Mon 22 – Fri 26 April: Law and Criminology Taster Week (all day)

Wed 24 April: Journalism UniFocus Day (10:00–16:30)

Wed 8 May: Music UniFocus Day (10:00–16:30)

Mon 13 – Fri 17 May: Psychology Taster Week (all day)

Wed 15 May: Business UniFocus Day (10:00–16:30)

Wed 22 May: Clinical Sciences & Healthcare UniFocus Day (10:00–16:30)








What pupils said about last year’s edition:

“This has confirmed my future career path and the skills that I need, which has allowed me to self-reflect on my own skills.”

“I loved the University Taster Week and it has encouraged me to take up business.”

“In addition to learning more about the many types of Engineering, I developed life skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, listening and leadership.”


The support and insight of City alumni would be greatly appreciated. Those interested in taking part are asked to kindly complete the Widening Participation Outreach Interest Form. The Widening Participation Events Team will then get in touch to discuss how to work together to inspire and inform young people!

For any questions, interested alumni should email Hannah Bowles and the WP Events Team on