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Artificial Intelligence – Beneficial opportunity or a threat?  

A book cover with three digital fists and the title.

In his latest book, George Zarkadakis (PhD, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 1990) questions the current state of our democracy and economy, and how AI can either help to reform it to benefit our voices as citizens or assist in our downfall.   Although three-time City alumnus George Zarkadakis trained as an engineer and works as…Continue Reading Artificial Intelligence – Beneficial opportunity or a threat?  

A New Index for Happiness

Money doesn’t necessarily make you happy but working at the Bank of England deepened Elliot Jones’ (Economics with Integrated Professional Training, 2017) interest in happiness. He’s now founder and editor of Exploring Happiness and has just launched a Happiness Index. “I think happiness struck such a strong chord with me because it can be applied…Continue Reading A New Index for Happiness

Expensive childcare turned Cheryl Luzet into a CEO

“We have come so far with promoting the world of work to women, but I feel like there is still much more to do.” Cheryl Luzet (Electronic Publishing, 2005) was recently named one of UK’s 100 most inspirational female entrepreneurs by Small Business Britain’s f:Entrepreneur for her business acumen and work in the local community. When childcare for…Continue Reading Expensive childcare turned Cheryl Luzet into a CEO

Award-Winning Journalist Wanted to Capture Compassion

 “I went into the hospital knowing this illness kills loved ones; this illness breaks hearts. But I also went in knowing how important it is to report from the frontline.” Camera journalist Harriet Bradshaw (Broadcast Journalism, 2011) spent 2020 reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic with BBC Health Editor Hugh Pym. Together with her team, she…Continue Reading Award-Winning Journalist Wanted to Capture Compassion

Cultural Appreciation

Miyuki Seguchi was born and raised in Japan. But it wasn’t until she returned after completing a Masters in Financial Journalism (2011) that she started to appreciate its wonder. Armed with her journalism experience and now also a qualification in tourism, Miyuki has created a podcast, Japan Experts, to share her reaffirmed love of Japanese…Continue Reading Cultural Appreciation

Ode to a Grecian Alumna

A finalist in the 2020 British Council Alumni Awards in Greece, Sophia Peloponnissiou’s (Museum and Gallery management, 2000) contribution to art and culture is more than noteworthy. Having set up the largely voluntary Katakouzenos House Museum, Sophia is on a mission to ‘revive a mid-20th century Athenian house and turn it from a residential venue…Continue Reading Ode to a Grecian Alumna

Lights, Camera…Podcast

Sagar Radia (Media and Sociology, 2007) is no stranger to the spotlight; you may recognise him from ITV’s The Good Karma Hospital. He has also acted in Jesse Eisenberg’s play The Spoils and is currently on-screen in HBO/BBC’s new finance show Industry. But now, Sagar is using his platform ‘to celebrate and ignite honest conversations…Continue Reading Lights, Camera…Podcast


As a black female pilot you could say Faith Odushola-Boegheim (Air Transport Management, 2013) is defying gravity; contributing to the reimagining of an industry that was typically male-dominated. Faith has had her fair share of doubtful passengers but that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her dreams. Here she talks about her experiences as a pilot,…Continue Reading High-flyer

The President will see you now

Meet Saqlain Riaz (Economics, 2019), the newly appointed President of City’s Students’ Union. Whilst his top priority is of course City’s vast student community, Saqlain is keen to connect with alumni. We asked him a few questions to find out what he’s planning for his presidency and how alumni can support the cause. Can you…Continue Reading The President will see you now